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Biology, Emotions, and Transitions Studies

School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork

The BEATS Lab emphasizes the psychobiological approach to understanding behaviours, responses to experience, well-being and health.


Group members are currently working on a range of research projects including projects designed to examine the associations of puberty and adolescent wellbeing, to examine how daily experiences in childhood and adolescence might shape psychobiological health and to examine how systemic inflammation may relate to anxiety.  Most of our current projects are described here, and you can read more about our outputs and knowledge exchange. 


We also work with a Teen Advisory Panel, made up of people aged 13-17 years.  Working with the Teen Advisory Panel has supported us to learn more about doing research in collaboration with teens, as well as what topics related to adolescent health and wellbeing that teens would like researchers to focus on. You can read more about our Advisory Panel here.

We offer opportunities for people to develop experience in research, and each year offer internships, with general and specialized training in conducting psychobiological research. You can read more about our internships and our research interns here.

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