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School of Applied Psychology Activities

Here are just some of the community activities that BEATS Lab has been involved with, in the School of Applied Psychology at UCC

Annual Transition Year Event


During their intensive few days, students meet our lecturing staff and postgraduates, getting to see and experience cognitive testing, biosignal measuring, EEG, and exploring human-computer interaction. They are introduced to the wider campus on a guided tour of UCC and the Boole Library and they engage with the UCC Study Skills Centre and student members of the Applied Psychology Society.

The TY initiative aims to give students a taste of both the BA Applied Psychology (CK120) and the new BA Applied Psychology & Computing (CK121), open their minds as to the kind of careers they might like to pursue, and help them to make an informed decision when choosing their third level programme. 

Read more about the Annual Transition Year Event here.

Psych Slam

Psych Slam.jpg

The PsychSlam competition organised by the School of Applied Psychology invites TY student teams to conduct research on a topic in Psychology, and present their findings in a 6 minute PowerPoint presentation.

Transition year students from all around the country are invited to participate. We hope participating students will gain experience in team work, building and describing knowledge and enjoy talking about psychology with other students, researchers and psychologists.

Read more about Psych Slam here.

BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition


Since the first BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in 1963, each year students across Ireland demonstrate their passion and innovation for the field of science and technology, often being early investigators for topics such as climate change and gender equality. The School of Applied Psychology is committed to ‘Giving Psychology Away’ and supporting the psychologists of the future! Many of our colleagues have been involved in mentoring BT Young Scientist students who are undertaking projects in Social and Behavioural Research.

Many BEATS lab members have mentored young scientists in this competition, including Cormac Harris and Alan O'Sullivan, winners of the 56th BTYSE, mentored by lab leader Dr Samantha Dockray, and lab member Eadaoin Whelan. If you would like to hear more about Cormac and Alan's project, 'A statistical investigation into the prevalence of gender stereotyping in 5-7-year-olds and the development of an initiative to combat gender bias.', more details can be found here.

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