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Teen DAEHS Study

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Adolescent health has several dimensions, including physical health and psychosocial development.


Eadaoin Whelan is conducting a study to measure stress and daily experiences in adolescents, to identify what aspects of daily life contribute to the stress response, and what aspects of daily life may buffer against it.

Eadaoin is in the recruitment stage of Teen DAEHS, and aims to collect physiological and psychological measures of stress, as well as measures of daily experiences in a sample of Irish adolescents aged 10-14 years. Some of the biological measures will be collected via saliva sampling (to measure markers of stress and inflammation) as well as finger-stick blood sampling (to measure sugar levels in blood as well as cholesterol) and measures of blood pressure, height and weight. Other measures will be collected via questionnaires and diaries of daily experiences logged over a four-day period.


The project will examine how emotional experiences are transformed into health outcomes, and scrutinise the unique contribution of both daily stressors and daily uplifts


The recruitment for this project has ended.

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