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Women's Experiences of Menopausal Tempo

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The Menopause Tempo research study is designed to explore people’s experience of menopausal tempo. Menopausal tempo is the pace at which people move from perimenopause to menopause, that is, it’s the time period from when a person first experiences changes to the regularity of their menstrual cycle compared to the previous 12 months (perimenopause) to the cessation of their menstrual cycle for at least 12 months (menopause) (WHO, 2022). 

The research is being led by Sarah Nestor, who is a trainee clinical psychologist in the School of Applied Psychology at University College Cork.  Sarah is doing the research with Samantha Dockray, Maria Dempsey and Sarah Foley. 

We are seeking women to participate in the research.  Participation will involve being interviewed by Sarah Nestor, this will take about an hour. 


If you are and adult whose menstrual period has stopped for a minimum of 12 months and no longer than five years and wish to take part, please contact  Sarah Nestor  at this email address

You can read the full participant information sheet here.

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