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This project aims to explore primary care healthcare professionals' experiences in supporting patients with concurrent obesity and mental health issues. It is anchored in research that highlights a complex relationship between these conditions, potentially mediated by systemic inflammation. Adipose tissue in obesity is implicated in systemic inflammation, which has been associated with mental health difficulties (e.g., depression, anxiety). Although the exact mechanisms are not fully understood, the theorised common physiological pathway/mechanism suggests a need for integrated treatment approaches. Strategies like weight management and physical activity are recommended for their potential to reduce inflammation. Yet, there remains a gap in understanding how these recommendations are reflected in clinical practice and clinicians' experiences in managing these dual conditions. The study will concentrate on general practitioners (GPs). Through qualitative analysis of semi-structured interviews, it will investigate (1) how GPs engage with patients experiencing both obesity and mental health problems, (2) their approaches to lifestyle and weight management recommendations, and the strategies and considerations employed in these cases. Additionally, the study seeks to understand GPs' perceptions of patients’ challenges, coping mechanisms, and barriers to effective management. This investigation can help improve clinical

understanding and practice in the biopsychological field, and potentially guide future interventions in line with comprehensive healthcare management.

The project is recruiting healthcare professionals and if you are interested in hearing more, or doing the study, please contact Karolina, her email is


You can read the information sheet by clicking here.

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