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Research Student Members
2012 - 2023



Kavanagh, B. A Time for Sleep? Investigating the stability of sleep sufficiency and difficulty from late adolescence to emerging adulthood, and the associations with health-related behaviour. (BA Applied Psychology) 

Noonan, A. Effect of Government Nutritional Information on Public Perception of Dairy in the Diet  (BA Applied Psychology) 


Kennedy, A. Behaviour and attitudes to drug use during college – does membership in clubs or societies matter? (BA Applied Psychology) 

O'Sullivan, P. App-voidance or App-roach? Facilitation of parent-child conversations about puberty. (BA Psychology & Computing)

Brown, C. Exploring Gender-Specific Predictors of Depression During the Transition to Adulthood: A Longitudinal Study. (MA Mental Health)

Lenihan, K. The Association between Sleep and School Satisfaction: A longitudinal study. (MA Mental Health)

Temple, A. Reflections on Puberty: Women’s Experience of Puberty in Ireland. (MA Applied Psychology)


Doody, A. Exploring youth circus as a setting for positive youth development. (H. Dip. Applied Psychology). 

Sherwin, J. Exploring Women’s Perspectives of Intersectionality and the Portrayal
of Violence Against Women. (H. Dip. Applied Psychology)


O'Keefe, M. It’s difficult for guys to admit that there’s a lot of pressure... because it’s like a sign of weakness.” - Influences on Body Image and Motivations to Exercise in Physically Active Young Irish Men: A Qualitative Exploration   (BA Applied Psychology) 


O'Gorman, J.L. A Trajectory of Anxiety at age 9 and 13 and How Parental Styles and Parental Relationship And Peer Relationships impact Anxiety.  (H. Dip. Applied Psychology)


Barrett, A.  “once you get diagnosed, there isn’t any support... you’re just pushed out the door and left to your own devices”: Medical Professionals’ Impact on CHH/KS Patients’ Experiences of Care. (BA Applied Psychology) 


Twomey, E. The Impact of the Congenital Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism-related Experiences on Patients' Self-esteem and Self-perceptions(BA Applied Psychology) 

Walsh, R. The Irish Economic crash and the impact on anxiety in children. (BA Applied Psychology) 


Ziefer, S.I don’t wanna do it right this second”: An exploratory study of snoozing behaviour in the context of an ESM Study (BA Psychology and Computing) Co-Supervisor Dr Laura Maye.


Leonard, J.Bugs, Beeps & Blips: Is missing data always bad when measuring
positive, psychological or behavioural outcomes? An exploration of patterns of data missingness of ESM flow state scale & reflectively reported flow states across day segments. (BA Psychology and Computing)Co-Supervisor Dr Laura Maye.


Varrain, E. The effects of personality on survey response levels in an experience sampling methods study. (BA Psychology and Computing)CoSupervisor Dr Laura Maye.


Griffin, CB.Co-Supervisor Dr Laura Maye.


O'Connor, M.  Psychopathology in adolescence: How does pubertal timing relate to psychological wellbeing?  (BA Applied Psychology) 

Kearney, M. Let’s agree to agree: Developing processes to support agreements for online behaviour for children, families and schools.  (BA Applied Psychology)

Moore, M. The Influence of the Student-Faculty Relationship on the Undergraduate Learning Experience: The Student Perspective (MA Applied Psychology- Positive Psychology & Coaching)


Murphy, D. Investigating Mediating Pathways Between Anxiety and Coping Mechanisms in Irish Adolescents  . (MA Applied Psychology- Mental Health)


Casey, C. The mediating role of self-concept in the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and mental health in Irish adolescents(MA Applied Psychology- Mental Health)



Trihy, L. Adolescent stress and behaviour: The associations between cortisol reactivity and internalising and externalising behaviours. (MA Applied Psychology- Mental Health)

O'Rourke, J. The Effect of Motus, a Social and Emotional Learning Workshop, on Emotion Regulation and Well-Being in Irish Children. (MA Applied Psychology- Mental Health)

Lynch, P. The Effect of Pubertal Timing on Substance Use in Adolescence and Early Adulthood Student:  (MA Applied Psychology) 

Komer, L. Obesity-Related Inflammation and its Impact on Depression and Anxiety Traits in Adolescents. (B Medicine, School of Medicine, UCC) 

McGettigan, R.  The Effect of Self-Compassion on Stress Recovery. (BA Applied Psychology)


Ní Chearbhaill , F.P. Building on the dual-hormone hypothesis: assessing the predictive capacity of dual-hormone interactions regarding aggressive behaviours in adolescents. (BA Applied Psychology)


Hanratty, D.Does a universal, school-based, emotional intelligence intervention impact emotional regulation in 10-13 year olds? (BA Applied Psychology)


McCullough, K. Adolescent Anxiety and Stress Resilience. (BA Applied Psychology)



Cooney, J. Is the Relationship between Obesity and Anxiety Mediated by Systemic Inflammation? (MA Applied Psychology- Mental Health)

Cullinane. D. Eye Contact as a Means of Stress Recovery in Romantic Dating Couples. (BA Applied Psychology)

Marron. T. Mental Toughness: A Way of Dealing with Stress for Professional Rugby Players? (BA Applied Psychology)

O'Rourke. J. The relationship between pubertal timing and symptoms of anxiety and depression in Irish adolescents. (BA Applied Psychology)

Mullery, A. Systemic Inflammation and the Link between Depression and Obesity in Adolescence. BA Applied Psychology)



Kearney.I. Investigating the relationship of parenting and resilience. (MA Applied Psychology).


O’Byrne, E. Naturalistic assessment of sleep and stress utilising N-of-1 actigraphic measurement: A Pilot Study. (MA Applied Psychology)

Mulkeen, S.M. Real Bodies and Ideal Bodies: The Accuracy of Body Size Estimation in Young American Adolescents (BA Applied Psychology)

Murphy, J. Substance Use and Timing of Puberty (BA Applied Psychology)

Cooney, J.L. Systemic inflammation mediates the relationship between obesity and anxiety.  (BA Applied Psychology)

Healy, D.A. An examination of the mediating effects of stress on the relationship between health status and depression.(BA Applied Psychology)

Harrington, R. Effects of psychological stress on emotional and cognitive empathy. (BA Applied Psychology)

Lydon, A. MC. The effect of colouring on stress recovery: A RCT.(BA Applied Psychology)



Cadogan, E. Gratitude and Mindfulness Interventions for Psychobiological Stress: A RCT. (MA Applied Psychology)

Warner, N. The Effectiveness of “Stress Control” in an Irish, Self-Referred Community Sample. (MA Applied Psychology)


Mangan, M. An Exploration of Intergenerational Transmission of Resilience: A Mixed Method Study. (MA Applied Psychology) CoSupervised with Dr Angela Veale

Delea, S. Impulsivity in Psychobiological Stress Reactivity in Young Adults in Ireland. (BA Applied Psychology)

Galvin, S.B. Psychobiological Stress Reactivity: Cardiac Responsivity and Anger. (BA Applied Psychology)

Purkiss, E. Early life adversity and cardiovascular reactivity to stress. (BA Applied Psychology)

Ni Shuilleabhain, N.S. Orthorexia: Social Media and food-related beliefs and behaviours. (BA Applied Psychology)


Concannon, L. Social and emotional experiences following bariatric surgery. Context and (MA Applied Psychology)


McGrath, N. Exploring the prevalence of internalised weight bias and its impact on body size estimation accuracy. (BA Applied Psychology)

Cadogan, E. Use Gratefulness or Mindfulness to Destress?: The Physiological Impact of Gratitude and Mindfulness Interventions on Stress. (BA Applied Psychology)

O’Connor, S. Parental body self-image and perceptions of child weight status (BA Applied Psychology)

Walsh, S. Self-perceived body size in children. (BA Applied Psychology)


O’Byrne, S. Assessing the Efficacy of a 7-Week Psychoeducation Group for Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression and Stress in Patients with Substance Use Disorder. (MA Applied Psychology)

O’Brien, R. Effect of ambivalent relationships on psychological and physical well-being. (MA Applied Psychology)

Logan Buckley, T. Bariatric surgery and relationship satisfaction. (MA Applied Psychology


O’Reilly, I. Achieved and postponed life aspirations and wellbeing in emerging adulthood. (BA Applied Psychology)

Buckley, O. Premature sexualisation of girls in Ireland. (BA Applied Psychology)

O’Callaghan, A. Self-efficacy and cardiovascular stress reactivity and recovery. (BA Applied Psychology)

Lyne, P.J. The associations among compassion and cardiovascular reactivity and recovery within a laboratory stress paradigm. (BA Applied Psychology)

Pyrz, K. Resilience Resources in Cardiovascular Recovery from Laboratory Stress. (BA Applied Psychology)

Waugh, D. Mental toughness, Grit and cardiovascular reactivity and recovery from stress. (BA Applied Psychology)


Geraghty, K. The use of plethysmography for the detection of sexual arousal in males and females. (MA Applied Psychology)

Deegan, J. Circumscribed Interests in High-Functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. (MA Applied Psychology)

O’Brien, S. Body size estimation in children: degree of discrepancy (BA Applied Psychology)

Gleeson, A. Body size estimation in children: Parental contributions and perceptions of body size estimation in children. (BA Applied Psychology)

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