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What is the WellTeen Network?

The WellTeenN Network is a multidisciplinary, network of academics, researchers, and experts in adolescent health and wellbeing, working in partnership with young people and those that care for them. The WellTeen Network prioritizes participatory approaches, knowledge sharing via events & training exchange & brings together people in Ireland & UK.


The WellTeen Network works to foster and encourage collaborative exchange between researchers and young people. The Network organises information exchange events, workshops for young people on their physical health and emotional wellbeing, as well as research activities, such as seminars. 


In December 2021 Samantha Dockray and Alina Rodriguez

(Queen Mary University London) hosted the launch of the UK 

arm of the WellTeen Network with an event to continue 

conversations about adolescent health & development.  

This project was funded by UK Research and Innovation-Economic and Social Research Council and the Irish Research Council under the ‘ESRC-IRC UK-Ireland Networking Grants’ (Grant numbers ES/V009001/1 and IRC/ IRC/V009001/1 ).

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WellTeenN Partners

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