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Past Post-Graduate Members


Casey, C.

Moore, M.

Murphy, D.



Trihy, L. Adolescent stress and behaviour: The associations between cortisol reactivity and internalising and externalising behaviours. (MA Applied Psychology- Mental Health)

O'Rourke, J. The Effect of Motus, a Social and Emotional Learning Workshop, on Emotion Regulation and Well-Being in Irish Children. (MA Applied Psychology- Mental Health)

Lynch, P. The Effect of Pubertal Timing on Substance Use in Adolescence and Early Adulthood Student:  (MA Applied Psychology) 

Komer, L. Obesity-Related Inflammation and its Impact on Depression and Anxiety Traits in Adolescents. (B Medicine, School of Medicine, UCC) 


Cooney, J. Is the Relationship between Obesity and Anxiety Mediated by Systemic Inflammation? (MA Applied Psychology- Mental Health)


Kearney.I. Investigating the relationship of parenting and resilience. (MA Applied Psychology).


O’Byrne, E. Naturalistic assessment of sleep and stress utilising N-of-1 actigraphic measurement: A Pilot Study. (MA Applied Psychology)



Cadogan, E. Gratitude and Mindfulness Interventions for Psychobiological Stress: A RCT. (MA Applied Psychology)

Warner, N. The Effectiveness of “Stress Control” in an Irish, Self-Referred Community Sample. (MA Applied Psychology)


Mangan, M. An Exploration of Intergenerational Transmission of Resilience: A Mixed Method Study. (MA Applied Psychology) CoSupervised with Dr Angela Veale



Concannon, L. Social and emotional experiences following bariatric surgery. Context and (MA Applied Psychology)


O’Byrne, S. Assessing the Efficacy of a 7-Week Psychoeducation Group for Symptoms of Anxiety, Depression and Stress in Patients with Substance Use Disorder. (MA Applied Psychology)

O’Brien, R. Effect of ambivalent relationships on psychological and physical well-being. (MA Applied Psychology)

Logan Buckley, T. Bariatric surgery and relationship satisfaction. (MA Applied Psychology)


Geraghty, K. The use of plethysmography for the detection of sexual arousal in males and females. (MA Applied Psychology)

Deegan, J. Circumscribed Interests in High-Functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. (MA Applied Psychology)


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